Using historical analysis to reconstruct our understanding of modern form interpretations.

The purpose of our historical research is to gain a deeper understanding of the movements that are used in modern interpretations of Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Sword Play. We're looking to uncover the source of the movements and understand what has been altered and added as certain movements travel through different styles.

When artefacts are prepared for display they are cleaned and polished so that they represent the object's original condition as closely as possible. The artefacts from this research are not physical but are transitory movements and they will be examined and practised to find the best representation of them.

Through this practice combined with historical research we can reconstruct techniques and forms. This applies to open hand techniques equally but the sword makes a good example here.

Let's be clear, we're not talking about self defence, MMA is much better to learn for that! So, you may ask, what is the point of developing sword techniques in our modern world?

The sword is a beautiful weapon full of grace and tradition but it is a weapon of the past. We use it only to preserve the heritage and nature of the weapon as a historical art form, sometimes for personal growth and development, sometimes just to have fun. We are not ever going to use our swords in combat though.

We are using ancient Chinese sword manuals to research and understand the nature of the weapon in detail and will reconstruct movements and sequences to bring this into the modern world. Why? So that people can enjoy it simply for what it is, like the museum sword in the picture above, these movements are artefacts, relics from a former age.

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