Joining The Historical Kung Fu Society.

The Historical Kung Fu Society is no longer accepting new members and meetings in-person are limited. We are hoping to open up the membership again at a later date.

Our society is made up of members who are...

  • people interested in the history of Chinese martial arts
  • practitioners of modern Tai Chi seeking to understand its origins
  • students of Kung Fu wanting to learn the history of their movements
  • people with an interest in Chinese sword play
  • anyone who uses other weapons, such as staffs
  • those interested in vintage training manuals

We provide carefully sourced research in the form of articles, instructional booklets, original documents and video clips. These are provided to members for training and historical preservation. We're also producing a new quarterly magazine called "Kung Fu History" which will be available for free to all our members. There is no claim that any of the techniques or reconstructions are suitable for any purpose and they are certainly not suitable in any self defence situation.

As stated above membership is currently closed but if you wish to be considered for the next intake please let us know at:

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