The Daolin Historical Kung Fu Society was born out of the Daolin Centre. Founded in 2006 as a group to preserve the heritage of Chinese martial arts. Our focus was not just to teach the movements and performance of Kung Fu but also to present the historical context, background and original use for each of the movements. While the organisation was always intended to exist for the purposes of preservation, the research side of Daolin was always out of sync with what we taught on our syllabus.

Daolin HKS is a new research project seeking to explore the true origins of Tai Chi and Kung Fu and how those arts have changed into the modern day interpretations currently practiced. This will be examined through what can be found from original documents and historical enquiry.

Regular taught classes at Daolin ended in 2017 but we will be providing the results of this research through publications, articles and seminars which will be open to all of our members.